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The lightest frame glasses in the world made of a carbon material specially developed for eyewear - FLEXARBON®

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Having a goal in mind and achieving it with expertise – that’s what Kerl Eyewear stands for. Engineering skills paired with high-tech and design lead to the most exclusive carbon eyewear the world has ever seen.


The latest Carbon Glasses by Kerl

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YOUR very own Kerl glasses!

With the brand new glasses configurator you can design and personalize your Kerl glasses according to your wishes.

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Eyewear driven by technology


5 years of material development

After an intensive development phase perfecting the carbon material specifically for eyewear it was created : FLEXARBON® Read more

About Kerl

2 Engineers

The two friends and engineers Dr.-Ing. Jaromir Ufer and Dr.-Ing. Johannes Dillinger set their minds on creating the lightest and most comfortable frame glasses in the world. Learn more


1 Eyewear designer

With Markus Moser from Alpenglühn, Kerl has brought on board an eyewear professional who brings over 30 years of experience in the industry and combines technology with design at the highest level. Read more


2 Patents

The flexible carbon technology FLEXARBON® and the innovative eyewear hinge are protected by patents held by Kerl Eyewear. Discover more


5 Carbon Structures

FLEXARBON® offers a three-dimensional depth sheen that is very subtle to distinct depending on the ambient light. Kerl eyewear is available in five unique surface structures. See more

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raw coffee
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Raw Star editions carbon by Kerl Eyewear Germany raw star
median night color edition median night
Layers of Carbon 8
Thickness 0.7 mm
Weight 4.6 g

One goal. The lightest frame glasses in the world.

Innovative engineering

The formula of our specially created FLEXARBON® has been perfected over years to give your glasses an incomparable wearing experience.

12,000 Carbon fibres within each 0.05 mm Carbon strand

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Unique fibre orientation, adapted to the load

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Patented, screwless FLEXARBON® hinge system

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Only 0.7 mm thickness with up to 8 carbon fiber layers

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Lightest weight for best wearing comfort

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Kerl World

Immerse yourself in the world of Kerl. Carbon is our passion. Whether in motorsports, where it is used primarily for speed, in the air to give aircraft agility, or in race cycling – where lightness and speed are the be-all and end-all. But carbon also stands for luxury and high-tech. We have combined all these incredible properties in our eyewear.

Kerl Eyewear manufactures high-tech carbon eyewear from the specially developed carbon material FLEXARBON for all spectacle wearers for whom lightness is important and who are looking for something special. All Kerl glasses are handmade in Germany and are available in five carbon colors. Each pair of glasses is unique and can be individually designed with our specially developed glasses configurator.

Kerl Eyewear develops, designs and produces high-end eyewear made of carbon and titanium based on the material innovation FLEXARBON®.