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About Kerl

The lightest frame glasses in the world.

Developed and hand-made in Germany.

Not all Carbon is the same.

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) is the best lightweight construction material in the world. (Only graphene is better, but that only exists in the lab so far).

But not all carbon is the same. There are countless types ranging from extremely stiff and brittle to very strong and elastic. It can be highly stable in one direction and highly brittle in the other. What’s special about the material is that you can customize it for a specific application.

FLEXARBON® technology, hand.made in Germany

We have brought rocket science to the eyewear industry, adapting carbon technology from aerospace engineering and racing. In years of development work, we have thereby created the perfect type of carbon for eyewear and thus fully exploited the technically possible potential: FLEXARBON®.

From the specially developed material to the hinge and the titanium nose pads, everything at Kerl Eyewear is 100% made in Germany. Production takes place in Bernkastel-Kues, between vineyards where the Riesling sprouts. The material FLEXARBON® makes the strong Kerl glasses flexible and as light as a sheet of paper. At the same time, they adapt perfectly to the wearer.

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The founders of Kerl

German engineering meets Swiss design.

The Kerl Eyewear founders and engineers Dr. Jaromir Ufer and Dr. Johannes Dillinger

For 5 years, the two materials engineers Dr. Jaromir Ufer and Dr. Johannes Dillinger worked on the first carbon material developed specifically for the requirements of eyewear.

They then teamed up with eyewear design expert Markus Moser from the Swiss trendsetter and traditional company Alpenglühn. Together, the eyewear was further developed into timeless and never-before-seen carbon designs in the premium segment.

More about the design

Kerl Eyewear develops, designs and produces high-end eyewear made of carbon and titanium based on the material innovation FLEXARBON®.