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24 designs. 1,000 possibilities. Inspired by life, designed with zeitgeist.


Swiss Design.

With Markus Moser, the two engineers have not only brought a sales expert and trendsetter in the Swiss optical industry on board, but have also taken design to the next level with him. Striking frames, which do not gain weight or lose their aesthetic appeal – that is the challenge of the new FLEXARBON® material. A screwless hinge, that allows opticians to fit the lenses without specific knowledge of the material, is the latest achievement in design.

The rim-glasses of Kerl Eyewear allow individual and timeless designs, whilst not adding any weight to the frame. This is possible thanks to the properties of the innovative material FLEXARBON®.
Thus, the frames weigh less than a sheet of paper, although they have a very distinctive and bold front.
This makes them unique, worldwide.

Quote Dr. Ing. Johannes Dillinger, CTO and co-founder

Kerl Eyewear develops, designs and produces high-end eyewear made of carbon and titanium based on the material innovation FLEXARBON®.