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The patented Kerl technology.

Carbon glasses developed and handmade in Germany.

The most important thing for us is quality. We ensure this every day in our manufactory production with precise processes on every single pair of glasses. In doing so, we pay attention to every detail. Each pair of Kerl glasses is manufactured in our German manufactory by highly experienced and meticulous employees in elaborated handwork. Where appropriate, state-of-the-art machines are used in the process.

layers of carbon 8
thickness 0.7 mm
weight 4.6 g

From carbon to FLEXARBON®

Sheet metal is bought ready-made and then cut to size. We produce our carbon composite material FLEXARBON® ourselves according to a top-secret recipe.


With Kerl Eyewear FLEXARBON®, it is the technical process parameters and raw material details, that are optimized precisely for the eyewear application. This maximizes the potential of the material and inspires the wearer with the properties of the eyewear every day.

In doing so, we took our cue from the requirements we have learned in aerospace and high-performance racing: A perfect combination of strength, flexibility and stability with minimal weight.


The patented Kerl technology

First, the blank is created. For this purpose, the carbon fibers are spread into ultra-thin layers and then woven. The various carbon fiber fabrics are then individually embedded by hand in various matrix materials and cured in a highly precise process under great pressure and at high temperature. After several hours, this is how the material that forms the glasses in the end, is created in the first place.

A symphony of craftsmanship and high-tech

After quality assurance of the blanks, the parts for the glasses are milled out with a computer-controlled process. This is how the most important components of our eyewear collection are created. Reproducible and highly precise. The fineness of the components is so demanding, that we had to go to the limit of  possibility.

Kerl Eyewear patented carbon material FLEXARBON® for eyewear

Eight layers for a clear view.

The individual components of the glasses are then grounded and polished by hand. This elaborated process requires the highest level of manual skills, which only our most experienced employees possess.

Before the glasses are assembled, the parts are individually engraved. This gives each pair of glasses its discreet seal of origin.

German seal of quality

Each detail has its story.

In the final step, the carbon parts are assembled with the components made of titanium, high-precision sintered plastic and silicone. These add-on parts could each tell their own story of the process. Like our titanium nosepad-arm for example – it is as elaborate and demanding in terms of the necessary work steps as an entire center section for a pair of metal glasses.

Good bye pressure marks

Kerl glasses are modular. In order to best satisfy the individual needs of our customers, you can choose from different temple variants and temple lengths. Together with the extremely flexible adjustable nosepad-arm, an outstanding wearing comfort can be achieved.

Close Up of Smart Hinge Raw Night

Smart-Hinge for ergonomics

The patented Smart-Hinge allows the inclination of the temple to be adjusted and thus the glasses can be perfectly fitted to the wearer’s head. The hinge can be mounted without tools and is extremely durable.

We have tested it in our own test bench with over 100,000 opening movements. This means that you can open and close your glasses three times every day for over 100 years.

Kerl Eyewear develops, designs and produces high-end eyewear made of carbon and titanium based on the material innovation FLEXARBON®.