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Kerl Eyewear takes off with Red Bull Air Race Pilot Matt Hall.

Matt Hall. The Aerobatic Airforce Pilot.

Photografed by Stefan Leitner

Matt Hall is a third generation pilot, former RAAF Fighter Combat (Top Gun) Instructor, international aerobatic pilot and in 2009 not only the first Australian to ever compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, but also the first rookie to finish a Red Bull Air Race – and even the entire season – on the podium.

Aero with pilot Matt Hall - Kerl Eyewear

Matt Hall in front of his racing plane, a Zivko Edge 540 with 340 hp and an empty weight of only 520 kg.

CARB-002 median night farb edition median night

Matt Hall

He began flying at an early age with his father, making his first solo flight at age 15 in a glider before earning his airplane pilot’s license at age 18. Today, Matt is licensed in gliders, ultralights, hang gliders, powered aircraft, helicopters and military jets, and has logged over 5,500 flight hours in various types of aircraft.

Kerl Eyewear met Matt Hall while he was preparing for his Red Bull Air Race in Budapest.

Every day I work on my mental and physical fitness, but when I’m in the plane to do a loop at 380 km/h with the gravity of twelve times my body weight, I want to be able to rely on technology, the material and my team.

Matt Hall, Red Bull Air Race World Champion and Top Gun Pilot

Matt Hall tells you, what makes our frames so comfortable.

Discover our ultra-light carbon glasses for pilots:

Here you can find all the carbon glasses worn by our Brand Ambassador Pilot Matt Hall and his Red Bull AirRace Manager Andrew Musgrove during the flight in Budapest.

CARB 002
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CARB 005
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Preparation and concentration are the key to success. Matt Hall is wearing a Kerl CARB-002.

Andrew Musgrove, Team-Manager of Matt Hall Racing, during the last check-up with Kerl Eyewear.

CARB-005 raw coffee

Team manager Andrew Musgrove makes a final check on the tarmac with his Kerl Carbon glasses.

CARB-005 raw coffee

Pilot Matt Hall watching the clouds through Kerl sunglasses with high performance sun-lenses.

CARB-015 raw night icon farb edition raw night

Matt Hall with his Kerl Eyewewar glasses at the hangar of the former military airfield in Budapest.

CARB-007 median night farb edition median night

Andrew Musgrove pulling the Zivko Edge 540 to its launch position wearing Kerl sunglasses.

CARB-005 median night farb edition median night

Matt Hall in concentrated launch preparation before take-off.

median night farb edition median night

Kerl Eyewear develops, designs and produces high-end eyewear made of carbon and titanium based on the material innovation FLEXARBON®.