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CARB 012

from €699,–

Carbon Glasses

CARB 012

from €699,–

Carbon Glasses

Harmony in the face. The CARB-012 fits particularly harmoniously into the face. With its rather small shape and flowing lines, it looks classic and sporty at the same time.

Configure these glasses by your desired design.

median night farb edition Raw Star editions carbon by Kerl Eyewear Germany raw night icon farb edition
1.7 g
5.4 g
Material Flexarbon
Finishing Matt
Delivery time
5 days

What makes our glasses exceptionally lightweight

Lightweight glasses are plentiful, but our Kerl glasses are different. Not only are they as light as a sheet of paper overall, what makes them so special is the perfect weight distribution:

The most important thing for outstanding wearing comfort is the lowest possible pressure on the nose. We achieve this with a feather-light front. We put every component on the front of the glasses to the test and optimized them for the lowest possible weight.

For the nose pads, for example, we have developed an extremely lightweight titanium part that weighs only a few tenths of a gram.

The templetips are deliberately made a little heavier to shift the center of gravity of the glasses as far back as possible.

Despite the distinctive frames, our glasses thus have an outstanding wearing comfort and pressure points on the nose belong to the past.

Kerl glasses are expressive, comfortable and ultra light. On average, Kerl glasses including optical lenses weigh between 4.9 and 10 grams.

Handmade in Germany

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CARB-012 in median night
Glass width 50mm
Glass height 36mm
Bridge width 19mm
Front width 136mm
Temple length 128mm
Basecurve lense 4